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Looking for an engineering partner with in-depth knowledge of product development, process optimisation and/or sealing solutions? Provecta helps you optimise your whole design and production process. Our years of experience in application-level metalworking are your guarantee of the best possible solution.


Process Engineering

Our process engineers take a close look at your entire production environment and optimise all your processes. That lets you produce more efficiently, safely, sustainably and cheaply.

Product development

Need specialised metal piecework? We handle design, prototyping, continued development, machining and production of all your high-end short run and piecework.

Sealing Solutions

Sealing is a craft of its own. As sealing experts, we know perfectly what hardware and surface roughness are needed for your specific application. Also find out about our leak testing capabilities.


With our extensive machinery park and years of expertise in machining high quality metals (Inconel, stainless steel, Monel, aluminum, and more) we can guarantee the right high quality finish for your niche product.

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The quality of your products and installations is the basis for cost-effective processes. With our calibrated test and measurement systems, you can be sure of the highest quality.

And our quality system has passed audit to  ISO9001:2015 standard.

Some of our completed projects

Provecta is a design and engineering firm that takes a very broad view of technology and innovation. We have a lot of hands-on experience in demanding niche markets like aerospace, nuclear, oil and gas, research and development, and other major industries.

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About Provecta

Provecta combines more than twenty years of experience in mechanical design, development and production of metal piecework, high-end sealing solutions and process engineering in demanding niche markets.
With our integrated project approach, we support our clients from start to finish. With Provecta you can safely set high standards in terms of quality, cooperation, open communication and short lead times. That’s what we do too!