About us


After years of experience in sealing, mechanical engineering and automation, Bart Crauwels and Frederik Broeckx set up Provecta late in 2021. As an engineering partner, Provecta provides support for high-end companies in niche markets.
Through the cross-pollination of specialist knowledge and know-how on applications such as seals, valves, pumps, cryocoolers, electric motors, internal combustion engines, bearings, and more, Provecta offers added value for any innovative company. At the design table, during production or when you evaluate your business processes.

Need a partner for high-end metal piecework or process optimisation?

Our vision

Industrial companies need to be able to use a one-stop shop for all their operational production challenges so that they can keep focusing on their core business.

Our mission

Provecta is a committed engineering partner that helps industrial companies in demanding sectors streamline their manufacturing processes and produce high-quality metal piecework.

Our strategy

Cross-pollination of practical experience and specialist knowledge in several niche markets give us added value in each new environment.
Through intensive cooperation, total commitment and open communication, we want to establish ourselves as a vital partner for our customers.

Bart Crauwels
Bart Crauwels
Frederik Broeckx
Frederik Broeckx


Our excellent location is worth a mention. You can find us right in the middle of the Antwerp – Brussels axis in Putte (Mechelen). Brussels and Antwerp airports, each a 30-minute drive away, are important links for more distant international customers.

In addition, the port of Antwerp and motorway access to Paris, Berlin, Amsterdam and Eastern Europe are a stone’s throw from our site for both supplies of basic materials and dispatching finished products.