The quality of your metal piecework is a key factor in efficient and reliable working processes. That is why we have been investing in high-quality measuring equipment continuously since starting up the company. Our quality system has passed audit to meet international standard ISO 9001:2015.

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Measuring equipment

Right from the start, Provecta invested directly in calibrated hand measuring tools with a digital readout from leading brands, to eliminate measurement and reading errors at the machine.

  • Internal and external micrometers
  • Roughness gauge with needle probe for narrow grooves
  • Various types of calipers
  • Depth micrometers
  • Adjusting rings
  • Ring gauges
  • Nut gauges
  • Plug gauges
  • etc.

Provecta is planning to commission a CMM to check shape and place tolerances in an air-conditioned environment during an independent final inspection.


With the beating heart of the global semiconductor industry just around the corner, it has been a primary objective for Provecta to meet the commonest industry requirements for cleanliness.

An audit of our production process showed that Provecta was easily able to meet cleanliness class ASML Grade 2 for materials such as Aluminum 6082, Aluminum 6061 and various grades of stainless steel. 

Looking for an engineering partner who can supply ASML Grade 4 or 2?

Quality certificates

Because we are convinced that a good quality system is fundamental for an engineering firm active in the supply chain of niche markets, we took the time to draw it up during the company’s start-up period. 

In August 2022, our quality system passed audit for standard ISO:9001-2015. We are already familiar with other ISO standards which will be implemented in due course, including ISO 9100, ISO 14001, ISO 19443, etc.