and Skills

Our combined experience across various fields in the metal industry means that we can help you through every phase of your production and process optimisation:

  • Process Analysis
  • Design and prototyping of high-end parts
  • Production and finishing
  • Validation and testing
  • Installation and implementation

Need a partner for high-end metal piecework or process optimization?

Process engineering

Streamlined processes are the basis for success. By continuously optimising your processes, you can eliminate inefficiencies, downtime and unnecessary costs.
Our process engineers are trained to recognize and resolve current and future bottlenecks in your production environment. We can work together with you to streamline your processes and provide:

  • Reliable processes
  • Higher process performance
  • Lower costs and increased profits
  • Better energy efficiency

Our process engineering strengths:

  • Analyses of energy and materials
  • Process engineering calculations
  • Dimensioning for installations
  • Prototyping new parts
  • CAD design
  • FEA simulations
  • Expertise in automation, robotics, lasers, mechanical engineering

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Product development

Are you looking for an experienced partner for product development for high-quality short run and piecework metal parts? With our experience in high-end markets like aerospace, nuclear, oil and gas and other niche industries, we can meet the highest quality and reliability requirements while maintaining very short lead times.
We specialize in machining very hard metals such as nickel alloys, stainless steel, Monel, 17-4PH, stellite and finishing them to specific roughness factors.

Provecta assists you in every phase of the production process:

  • Design
  • Prototyping
  • Analysis and testing
  • Further development into a fully-fledged product
  • Manufacturing and machining
  • Pre- and post-processing: polishing, heat treatment, coating, powder coating, lapping, cleaning, etc.
  • Assembly
  • Quality control

Provecta’s major asset is our comprehensive approach. Does your project call for a combination of knowledge, expertise and organization? Provecta can handle it for you. Our large network of partners means that we can always offer an appropriate solution with a single global point of contact.

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Sealing solutions

Sealing is a craft of its own. Provecta has a lot of experience with metal and other seals for high-tech applications. We work out the issues of hardware and surface roughness from start to finish to suit your specific application and the type of seal.

Whether the application is for gas or liquids, under high or low pressure, subject to temperature fluctuations, relaxation or other phenomena. We use a cost-benefit analysis to determine the best overall solution to suit your specific requirements and budget. Provecta is the best-placed engineering partner in the market for your hardware.

You can come to Provecta for all your sealing challenges:

  • Hardware and seal design
  • FEA simulations
  • Prototyping
  • Production
  • Validation programmes
  • Performing and supervising leak testing (ISO 9712-2012 certified)

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Are you looking for a flexible partner for machining hard metals like stainless steel including duplex, nickel alloys such as Inconel 718, Inconel X750, Monel 600 and stellite? Not only does Provecta have years of experience, it also has an extensive range of metalworking machinery tailored to demanding markets such as oil and gas, nuclear, aerospace and R&D centres.
We specialise in applying specific roughness factors.

You can come to us for turning high-quality short run and piecework metal parts such as seal flanges, shafts, spring retainers, bonnets,  bodies and other valve parts, precision satellite parts,etc.

We mill all your metal pieces in various materials using our modern CNC milling machines. Five-axis milling is also possible.

Other metalworking operations
Provecta has the right expertise in house for a wide range of metalworking operations such as grinding, heat treatment, plating, welding, machining, anodising, painting, cleaning and more.

Looking for a metalworking specialist for hard metals?