Ravago is a Belgian multinational company and market leader in the distribution of plastics, rubbers, and chemical products. They came to Provecta to optimise their rubber extrusion process.

Process optimisation from A to Z

Provecta took charge of the whole process. The rubber extrusion process at Ravago suffered from a major bottleneck. After analysis, it emerged that one of the components, a plate through which the rubber is pushed, needed a different design. Provecta used a mathematical model and FEA simulations to develop a prototype. After client approval, the definitive parts were produced and installed in just two weeks.

Clear messages and short lines of communication

Ravago were continuously kept informed of progress on the project’s progress via regular interim reports. “Bart and Frederik’s advice was top-notch”, said the satisfied customer. “Smooth communication combined with proximity made cooperation very easy.”

25% better performance, 10% lower energy consumption

“We are more than satisfied with the results of working with Provecta,” say Zarrar Ahmad and Tom van Rooy. “After thorough analysis, we showed that depending on the exact process media, efficiency increased by between 25 and 30%. Moreover, we now use 10% less energy. These are definitely numbers to be proud of. We will definitely be working with Provecta in the future.”