Valve parts for the Christmas tree

This customer has already placed its second order within a limited time frame with Provecta for the production of these complex valve parts. The final product needs to be installed hundreds of meters below the seal level. At the bottom of the ocean the valve will be mounted to the so-called “christmas tree”.  



The name refers with a wink to the set of valves, seals, pipes, sensors,… that must regulate the flow (oil, gas, water,… ) through an oil or gas well. It goes without saying that these are extremely critical components where there is absolutely no room for deviation. 


30 microns over 120mm

 As the housing is full of critical seals for which the finish of the grooves must be flawless. These body’s are made in several setups on different machines. For this job, we use both the CNC controlled lathe and our CNC machining center to machine each feature as optimally as possible. 

After 4 setups, we measured a flatness of 30 microns (0.03 mm) over a distance of 120 mm, which is a result we can rightly be proud of.